Who is Helice?

Helice is the business name for the professional activities of Michael Kolkman (1975, The Netherlands), Ph.D. in Philosophy.

  • Helice & Philosophy
    Philosophy is about learning to think for oneself, something that requires patience, modesty, and above all an openness to the world. Philosophy comes to life in the encounter with people and cultures. With Helice I continue this encounter.
  • Studies in philosophy
    I have studied philosophy at the Universities of Amsterdam, New York, Toulouse and Warwick. In 2010 I attained the Ph.D on the thesis Towards a Philosophy of Freedom: Fichte and Bergson. My interests in philosophy centre around questions of self-organisation, spontaneity and learning. Visit my page at academia.edu for more information.Philosophy is not an isolated field of study, nor is it found at the university alone. I was member and then president of the Warwick Buddhist Society, secretary of the Dutch Foundation for Gestalt, and taught courses at De Vrije Gemeente, centre for religion and philosophy.
  • Radio
    For over a decade I presented the radio Antarcticashowin which I experimented with “conceptual radio”,  hosted at radio Patapoe (Amsterdam), radio RaW (Coventry), and radio Canal Sud (Toulouse). I also worked for Staalplaat, one of the world’s most progressive record labels.
  • Event organisation
    I was a principal organiser of the successful international conference “Bergson’s Creative Evolution, 100 years later”. Outside the university I organised Radio Patapoe Benefit parties,  each with some 500 visitors, a dozen shows, live radio coverage. I also co-organised a cultural-political open stage De Schijnbeweging.
  • Travels
    After having graduated from secondary school I left for Kathmandu, travelling via Iran, Pakistan and India. I have a strong interest in Eastern Europe that I have visited widely. I visited Sarajevo just after the end of the civil war; Serbia half a year after the ousting of Milosovic; the “independent republic” of Transnistria and the Ukraines. I have lived in New York, England, and Amsterdam, and now once again in Toulouse, France.

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I also have a blog where I post on all sorts of things that interest me: lots of philosophy, but also about my son and parenting, or about maybe a little bird that sits on the window ledge. You can visit it at this address: philosophy.helice.nl

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