Structural editing

Get Helice to structurally edit your text, to specifications set by you. You may opt to have the text critically proofread first. In that case you will be provided with a critical reader’s report that allows you to specify exactly what needs changing. Alternatively, Helice can edit and re-write text directly. As a further option a report can be sent afterwards specifying exactly what has been altered and why.

You decide what requires specific attention, e.g.:

  • Re-organisation of the order of the text and of arguments.
  • More explicit presentation of arguments.
  • Editing of the introduction and conclusion.
  • Supplying the text with a short summary.
  • Shorten texts.
  • Adding new captions and/or summaries to text segments.
  • Check and if necessary correct key concepts and distinctions.
  • Suggestions for the further elaboration of certain subjects. If desired such elaboration can be done for you.
  • Any other areas of attention.

Helice will also compose texts for you.

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