If you want to convince, then your arguments must be in order. No matter how original your ideas may be, if the argument as a whole is unclear or if its various parts do not cohere, then much of its persuasion is already lost. That is why Helice offers tailor-made support for arguments.

  • Grounded in a profound understanding of philosophy and with a thorough acquaintance with all the various aspects of contemporary society Helice helps you make the most of your ideas.
  • You are the specialist in your field. Helice is there to make sure your arguments are as clear and coherent as they possibly can be.
  • Helice will also thoroughly read through any translated texts to assure the original force of the argument is retained. You may equally opt to have Helice translate texts from French or Dutch to English, or English to Dutch.

Helice provides the following services:

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