Below are some examples of past projects:

  • International philosophy consortium, funding application for the founding of the institute.

Services rendered: Editing and rewriting the English translation of the French document. In this document many research groups presented their work and lines of future research were given. Total amount of funds requested E 6.5M
Client: Europhilosophie (France)
Target audience: academics and policy makers
Number of words: 33.900

  • New editions of Henri Bergson’s Introduction to Metaphysics, Mind-Energy and Creative Evolution.

Services rendered: Editing of the English translation of these three works by the French philosopher Henri Bergson
Client: Palgrave Macmillan publishers (United Kingdom)
Target audience: philosophers, academics
Number of words: 249.700

  • Theater piece “Hamlet in the year 3000”

Services rendered: Joint brain-storm session with actors and theater makers on the question “In the year 3000 will Hamlet still be played?” On the basis of this session the theater piece was later made.
Client: SisterO / DasArts (The Netherlands)
Target audience: actors, theater makers, theater audience
Number of words: n/a.

  • “Life-span extension”, funding application for the project Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)

Services rendered: Reading the application. Participating in the “valorisation panel” composed of project leaders, representatives of civil society, and academics, discussing the societal relevance (valorisation) of the project.
Client: University of Delft (The Netherlands)
Target audience: academics and policy makers
Number of words: 6.500

  • Article “Network-bursting dynamics in excitatory cortical neuron cultures resulting from the combination of different adaptive mechanisms.”

Services : Proofreading and editing of the article
Client : Dr. T Masquelier, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona
Target audience : scientific
Number of words : 7.640

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